Find the way to spinal health with Dr Luc Gelinas, chiropraticien inc., chiropractic clinic.

The team of Dr Luc Gélinas, chiropraticien inc. has now four permanent members: one chiropractors and three assistants, all dedicated to improving and maintaining our patients’ precious health.

Dr Luc Gélinas

Dr Gélinas is a curious man by nature and a researcher at heart. He began his higher education by studying engineering at the Polytechnic of Montreal, but quickly realized that this path would not fulfill his real ambitions. He had a different vision and destiny, and chiropractic was his true calling. Combining his insatiable curiosity for research and his keen interest in the structure of the human body, he chose to leave Montreal for four years to obtain his doctorate in Chiropractic in Toronto, a major challenge for a true French Quebecer.


After graduation, he was selected to be part of an American chiropractic mission to Moldova, where he treated more than 1500 Russian patients. He then broadened his training in upper cervical by studying Kale Specific Chiropractic, Blair system, NUCCA, Atlas-Orthogonal, Grostic, and was a member of the Research Council of the Kale Network in the United States. He chose to focus his practice on the cervical region and developed a novel biomechanical technique for treatment of the upper cervical spine. He will be publishing a scientific paper on the subject.

His research and practice about the cervical region led him to share his knowledge with numerous chiropractic students of the University of Quebec at Trois-Rivières. Dr Gélinas is passionate about chiropractic and sharing his knowledge to promote the positive impact and benefits of his profession.

After 28 years of practice and thousands of satisfied patients, he developed his technique further by working with people suffering from scoliosis. He is supported in this research project by McGill University and the Montreal Children Hospital to demonstrate the role of the upper cervicals in the deformation of the spine. This study aims to slow the progression of the disease while stabilizing and improving the physical condition of young children.

Numerous patients’ testimonials praise Dr Gélinas’ approach, and his methodology have made him a most respected and sought after chiropractor.


Our assistants:

Diane Laroche

Diane has been listening and supporting our patients whole-heartedly for now 18 years. She is always caring and full of positive energy, providing a uniquely personalized experience that’s appreciated by everyone. All babies coming to the clinic are supervised directly by her and invariably fall under her soothing charm. She is the one always reminding patients to keep a good posture in the waiting room, while providing advice for their well-being and good health.

Photo Dianne


Anne-Norrante Alexandre

A dedicated and multidisciplinary assistant who greets patients with a smile, she is always ready to find the right time slot for their chiropractic treatments. Concerned about patients’ needs, she answers questions with patience and knowledge, making sure that the entire clinic experience is world class, leading to positive word-of-mouth for the quality and scope of services offered.

Photo Anne