Our mission

Chiropractic center Dr Luc Gelinas, chiropraticien inc. is out to improve the world, one spine at a time.

Our mission :
Improving the world, one spine at the time. We want everyone to be able to enjoy life at its fullest and express his or her maximum potential with a nervous system free of interference! We propose a different perspective about health, an approach of the human body based on the existing relationship between structure and function, and the related chiropractic care. In summary, we want to inform you about your health, providing natural options that might be appropriate and necessary. It would be a pleasure for us to guide you through this journey toward optimal health.

How do we get to do it:
Chiropractic has already been around for more than a century. Our founders have identified an important phenomenon concerning our species. They noticed a connection between gravity and misalignments of the spine (spinal distortion).

After years of research, they concluded that there is another correlation, even more important than the first one. In fact, they observed the existing relationship between spinal alignment and health. When a spinal distortion occurs, it irritates the delicate nervous system that is inside the spine and it decreases the body’s capacities to function optimally and maintain its health. However, when the irritating agent of the nervous system is removed, the spine naturally adopts a better alignment and the person thereby feels much better in general. This vertebral distortion influences human’s health by interfering with the flow of vital energy that flows in us, through our nervous system. The first chiropractors called this causative agent VERTEBRAL SUBLUXATION.

To this day, the chiropractor is the only health professional that possesses the knowledge, expertise and required abilities to be able to identify, analyze and adjust the VERTEBRAL SUBLUXATION. The correction of the VERTEBRAL SUBLUXATION is the cornerstone of chiropractic care.